1000mg CBD E-Liquid: Grand Daddy Purp


You can now benefit from CBD while enjoying your favorite pastime with this 1000mg CBD E-Liquid. Granddaddy Purple was introduced in 2003 and gained immediate praise for its fragrant berry and grape aroma. We’re bringing that pleasing scent to you now in our fast-acting, discreet, and effective 1000mg CBD E-Liquid – Grand Daddy Purp. This 15mL bottle and 1000mg of Cannabidiol, you’ll have plenty of CBD to get you through every day with ease.



Know your CBD products!

E-Liquid is a popular products for those looking to vaporizing CBD oil. This E-Liquid can be used in refillable devices, creating a discreet and smoke-free method of administering CBD. Vaporized CBD oil is easily absorbed by the body for fast-acting relief.

This 1000mg CBD E-Liquid: Grand Daddy Purp is formulated using high-quality CBD oil, triple distilled MCT (fractionated coconut oil) and natural botanical Grand Daddy Purp terpenes.

This vape pen contains no THC, VG or PG offering a healthier solution for those looking for a quick and effective way to administer CBD.

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