Hello World,

After starting our autistic son on CBD and noticing a world of improvements i decided to share CBD with the world and to donate 100% of all profits from this website to charity. We will be donating to Amazing (Or Awesome) Autism Community Action a 501(C)3 charity out of Naperville Illinois. They want to open a sensory room and special needs gym that will be accessible to anyone, without fear or judgement.

My son is 6 years old, and I plan on telling his story here. It all started in 2012 when he was born 6 weeks early and spent around 1 month is the NICU learning how to breath and a few other things. He came out of that as a relatively normal infant. He was making eye contact, watching us, and learning about the world. I remember one time he even said Mommy and Daddy. But it was just once that I heard him utter those words before we realized something wasn’t quite right. He didn’t seem to wake up more every day. The curiosity about the world was slipping away. His imagination wasn’t showing itself.

Finally we took him to our doctor a local pediatrician who said he was fine. This was at 12 months old. 2 weeks later we went back and said you have to do more tests, something just isn’t right.

She grudgingly grabbed the autism checklist and started running through the questions. About 1/2 down the questionnaire she looked at us with tears in her eyes, saying how sorry she was. She helped us find the correct resources and we found a new doctor, but I will never forget her look of pain and sympathy for blowing us off the first time.

We started Early Education that went until he was 3. I believe it was 7+ hours a week of therapy conducted by amazing therapists, speech pathologists, developmental, physical, and ones I can’t even remember to this day.

About 18 months we started ABA Autism Therapy which continues today with no end in sight. We have had many many amazing therapists over the past 5 years and it has truly made a difference.

Some things that we noticed when he was an infant. Head Banging, lack of eye contact, the ability to ignore things while recognizing that they were occurring, stopped saying mommy and daddy. This is how we noticed initially. People always ask how we knew so young, and we tell them we were lucky to have a daughter who was 5 at the time. I don’t remember her milestones because every day she woke up more. Become more aware and figured out things that are going on. This was the only reason I knew. Travis was the ideal infant, rarely cried or fussed. It would have been so easy to just ignore the signs.

My battery is at 5% now, I will continue this later. PS, at 6 we started him on CBD and I can’t wait to document everything I am seeing and its only been 6 weeks!!!!